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Welcome to Morocco and Azrou.

Azrou based Morocco Unexplored is a new way to travel. We reinvest back into
the community that offers you an authentic tailor made middle Atlas experience.
We will organise your own adventure holiday in Morocco.
Azrou Maroc eco tourism, see how we work below.

How will you experience Morocco?

We have the ability to custom build your holiday so that it meets your needs exactly. Make the first step by selecting who you are below and follow the link to the next stage. Its simple, leave the hard work up to us.

Azrou Tailor Made Mid-Atlas Mountain Hiking, Birding, Wild Camping & Fishing,

Azrou forests hosts one of the worlds largest population of the Barbary macaque (Macaca sylvanus) this species is currently limited to forest areas in Morocco and Algeria, its the only primate north of the Sahara desert.

Azrou Morocco just 1.5 hours drive from the Imperial cities of Meknes & Fez.

At an invigorating altitude of 1250 metres, Azrou from the East Azrou is nestled beneath wooded slopes with varied trails leading up to plateaus. There are Lakes and ancient cedar & pine forests at 1700 metres, where the only inhabitants are Berber (Amazigh) shepherds and foresters who welcome all visitors.

This most hospitable market town's charming bustling medina is full of colour, aroma, restaurants, cafes, barbers, hairdressers, bespoke tailors/dressmakers and hammams (baths). It will enchant you with its bargain wares , carvings, spices, rugs, jewellery, and leather.
Donkey trekking Azrou winter mule trek HGV holiday July 2008 Arlies Bridge Azrou early AM




FISHING AZROU: Fly fishing on the 5th of February 2012 Karim set a new Rainbow trout lake record of 60 centimetres = 23.6 inches.
*****(CATCH & RELEASE)***** 60 cm Rainbow trout

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Morocco Unexplored Azrou office salon
Morocco Unexplored Azrou office salon No:11 Street des Abatiers 53100 Azrou Morocco


Azrou Middle Atlas Holidays.
Azrou welcomes Hill walkers and nature lovers all seasons,
From 1 person to a group maximum of 10, from 1 day to 14 days + trips.
Tailored to your requirements.
Book with us in the UK for 10 GBP each. Then pay as you go at our Azrou bureau

[Exclusive excursion by request]
[Association & group discounts]

Trek ancient Berber trails
at your own pace, visit remote mountain settlements. On route to your Berber host's lodgings, enjoy relaxing vista camp lunches.
Add extra activity excursions.
Fish 7 licensed lakes.
Bird watching ( Ramsar sites).
Mule Mountain rides.
Clay shoot federation organized.
Imperial City tours Fez & Meknes.
Land based (flight not included)
Azrou 1.5 hours drive South of Fez Sais International Airport
FLIGHT NEWS have direct flights from Stansted to Fez
They also fly direct to Fez from 8 other European cities.
(Advance Bookings)
Price per day trip, per person.
Single person 75 GBP
2 persons 60 GBP each
3-6 persons 55 GBP each
7-10 persons 48 GBP each
Prices above include English speaking guide activities & workshops of your choice, accommodation, breakfast, lunch, dinner & tea.
Escorted walking, driven tours, reposed activities & workshops tailored for the less adventurous.
*Feel free to enquire no obligation!
* We'll then organize everything else in Azrou for your chosen adventure.
On booking we will email your season's reservation pack, informing you of need to knows and preparations for an interactive authentic cross-cultural experience.
We reinvest profits back into long-term growth of adventure tourism for the Azrou region.
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Azrou Forest Wild Camping

You choose the remote terrain that you would like to explore
Camp 2 lakes forest, gorge, cliff top, plateaux, river or lake.

Overnight wild camping or lodge at our Berber mountain hosts. Cedar forest Camp
We will arrange all you'll need and more for a comfortable night in the forest an authentic mid Atlas experience.
We like to give our visitors an informed choice before ascent
Nature without limitsshowing photos, video & Google satellite map of varied terrain that suites them, before picking their remote trek, camping spot, mountain Hosts or just a picnic.
Mountain Trek & Camping Meals Lamb Tajine Camp Skye it's your choice again, we know where to find the best quality meat, fresh fish, fruit & veg Etc.
If you have the time come & choose your camp shop with us, as part of your Azrou holiday experience.
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